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Our high quality range of framed mirrors offer many combinations paper proofreader of frame type, mirror border colour, antique or plain mirror centre and or border, all with bevelled edges.

All mirrors are supplied “ready to hang” with metal wall strip for wall attatchment to hang both ways.

We will make to order affordable papers to your requirements of size or mirror combinations.

A fitting service is available in the Auckland area if required.

We have a showroom with the framed mirrors on display. Please phone before visiting to ensure we are on the premises when you would like to visit our showroom.

Please enjoy scrolling through the REGAL MIRROR COLLECTION below.  ( Click on photo to enlarge.)

Framed Mirrors

Stock sizes:
88cm x 118cm      -      $740
78cm x 98cm      -        $620

Wide Gold Framed below

Stock sizes:
92cm x 121cm   $780.00
82cm x 102cm  $650.00

Antique Styled Mirrors below

#649     86cm x 105cm     $660.00
#656     89cm x 121cm       $840.00

Antique/ Tinted  Mirror Borders below

Size   88cm x118cm      $840.00
Size    78cm x 98cm       $760.00