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Welcome to our Glass and Mirror services for the Trade.

Western Glass provide a service to the Glass and Mirror Industry for silvering your own glass when a tinted or toughened glass mirror is required.

We can also FULLY SUPPLY any of your requirements for affordable papers mirrors.

Please contact us for our current MERCHANTS PRICE list.   See the drop down menu from Merchants Services for more detailed information.

Services available include:


Silver own glass             

ie. Tinted , toughened, laminated or coloured glass

Antique Silvering Effects 

We can manufacture an aged blotchy or mottled effect during  the silvering process to produce the appearance of an old mirror that has deteriorated in the silver coating.

Venetian  Mirrors            

 ( horizontal stripe) 5mm clear line  20mm mirrored line


We strip and recoat your mirror with new silver,copper protective coat finished with specially formulated grey / blue mirror backing paint.

Extra protection available on request  i.e. vinyl film and edge spray seal.

Vinyl Safety Film           

Applied to the backs of mirror so that in the event of accidental  breakage  mirror will hold together.

Hand Bevelling             

We provide hand bevelling for small or intricately shaped glass and mirror pieces that cannot be bevelled by an automated machine. i.e. leadlight pieces, clock faces and barometer glass faces. etc.

Shape and Circle Cutting 

We supply small diameter ovals, circles and rectangles of mirror  or glass for photo frames, cosmetic mirrors,gauges., fire alarm glass, clocks, barometers handmirrors etc.