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Antique Mirror Effects


We can supply mirror that has a blotchy mottled appearance in the mirrored surface. This look is often referred to as aged mirror distressed mirror or antique mirror.

Antique mirror effect can be applied to tinted glass and toughened glass .  Tints available are –GREY   BRONZE   BLUE   GREEN   and CLEAR glass.

We can vary the intensity of the antique effect from light to dark and distribute the effect as desired .  Confined to edges, or allover or random is possible depending on your preference.

The photographs below will give you some indication of the appearance .  However we suggest you see a sample in our showroom to appreciate the beauty of this product.   Also look at our Framed Mirror page for photos of Antique mirror that we have used in bevelled framed mirror creations.

All edge work ,hole drilling etc should be completed on the glass before the antique mirror effect is applied.

Please contact us for further advice or Fax or Email your details for a quote.