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We resilver old mirrors to restore them to their former glory. ie. Dressing table, hanging wall mirrors etc for collectors and restorers of Art- Deco and Antique furniture.
If you are a Glass merchant and wish to facilitate arranging the resilver of your customers mirror please make sure you look closely at the mirror and make your customer aware of any existing faults.   For example :  are there any chips or edge damage or scratches to face or silvered side of mirror?   These pre-existing imperfections will be more visible when the bright new silver coat is applied. 

Also some mirror deterioration can cause a break down of the glass surface.  This will sometimes be so bad that we are unable to polish the pitting out of the glass surface and this will result in a light staining in the worst affected areas when the new silver coat is applied.

Please allow approx 10 days for the return of your mirror due to the time that the mirror must remain in the acid stripping bath to remove all the old silver and paint.  We can remove and refit the mirror to its backing board or frame if required.   If you require a quote before we proceed we will phone,fax or email you as required.

Telescope mirror surface silvering and resilvering is also a service we provide.