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Specialist Glass and mirror for Artists, Craftspeople and Collectors


Leadlight  Bevelled Glass 

Hand bevelled shapes for repair or new work.

Mosaic  Art   Mirror               

Mirror coat (silver) the rough side of your coloured or obscure glass before cutting.

Clock and Barometer glass        

All clock glass faces with bevelled edges including carriage clock panels

Convex and flat clock glass faces ex stock or made to order.

All barometer glass, holes drilled ,pointers fitted, edges bevelled and refitted to bezels (rims).

Crystal glasses,  Bowls, Decanters and Collectables etc.                                                                         

Grinding and polishing for the restoration of chipped rims or bases,

Reshaping of broken protrusions etc      


We can resilver your collectable bevelled mirror to restore its original appearance i.e.Dressing table mirrors, hanging bevelled wall mirrors .(framed or unframed)

Telescope Mirror,  Silvering and resilvering             

Old silver or aluminized surface can be removed  and recoated with a new Pure silver coating.